Our Difference

Authentic, Quality & Effective Services

At The Layer Lounge we offer a unique experience. Something different than all the resort spas in Las Vegas. Resorts offer full service amenities and various relaxation areas to while away an afternoon or day at the rate of hundreds of dollars an hour.

Our services are brief and impact driven. We focus on results and respect.

We know you are busy. The adage “time is money” is more than a catch phrase to us. We get it.

The Layer Lounge has culled through and curated the best skincare services that can be offered in abbreviated time frames without compromising the efficacy or authenticity. We provide results-oriented services by passionate professionals who use technology to our advantage with an emphasis on time management.

We have been around long enough to know what works and what is hype. But we have never lost sight of making you feel great and helping you get the glow you deserve and want.

Sit back and settle in, we are going to give you OUR best, so you can look YOUR best and get on with life.