The Layer Lounge is a

place that
serves the best drink in town,
for your skin.

We blend premiere skin loving ingredients, stir in some fun and pour it over a social setting. It’s a place to gather for skincare treatments solo or with friends. #Self-care with a sense of community delivered in a space that inspires you to connect within and with others.

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All of our signature 5-step treatments includes a flash exfoliation and you can add loads of options to maximize the benefits of your facial.

With decades of experience in providing professional skincare services and the use of cutting edge technology, our team of experts know the critical and most important steps to get the best results without spending too much time or money. Being short on time or antsy by nature shouldn’t rule your results.

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This facial treatment involves impact without the over drive experience. This is skin health focused using hydration as the goal.



This facial treatment has all the benefits of our Standard facial with sculpting massage added in. We use of Gua Sha and other massage tools along with high-performance masks. This combination delivers an unbeatable glow.



The boss treatment at The Layer Lounge. This facial has all the perks of our Seasoned facial, but revved up with our targeted next-level masks and advanced technology added in. Based on your skin needs, we will choose between Oxygen blast or L.E.D. application or Ultrasonic absorption to reach maximum skincare results for your skin.

Whether you’re in one of our recliners at our boutique or shopping online, we’re here for you.

Your skin will receive instantaneous relief and noticeable improvement with our masks. Whether you are readying for the Red Carpet, slaying your self-care game, or in recovery mode from too much fun, we have just the mask treatment for you.

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