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All of our signature 5-step treatments includes a flash exfoliation and you can add loads of options to maximize the benefits of your facial.

With decades of experience in providing professional skincare services and the use of cutting edge technology, our team of experts know the critical and most important steps to get the best results without spending too much time or money. Being short on time or antsy by nature shouldn’t rule your results.

All of our treatments vary in length and technique, please choose the time and description that most appeals to you. Don’t fret, though, our superstar Estheticians will confirm or suggest the best treatment for you and Yo Moneymaker when you arrive.



25 minutes

This facial treatment delivers impact without the overdrive experience. This is skin health focused using hydration as the goal.



25 minutes

This facial treatment has all the benefits of our Standard facial with sculpting massage added in. We use Gua Sha and other massage tools along with high-performance products. This combination delivers an unbeatable glow.



25 minutes

This facial treatment has all the same 5-steps of our other treatments but revved up with our targeted next-level masks and advanced technology using Oxygen and L.E.D.

Slough & Slather


25 minutes

Your hands and feet told us they were jealous. So we created a service just for them. We cleanse your hands and feet before performing a peel to slough off the dead and dry skin. Then we slather a rich hydrating mask to each of your overworked appendages. Soft and supple skin at your fingertips and toe tips.

Next Level


45 minutes

This NEW facial treatment takes results to the next level. We use all the same tried and true technology of the beloved QUENCHED facial treatment THEN we add the BT Titan nano-tip micro-exfoliation. This improves texture, refines overall skin tone, and dramatically increases hydration.A new technique that can be compared to microdermabrasion without the abrasive or messy side effects.Amazing both in a series or as a one-time-only treatment. *series of four sold for $400*

The Works Standard


50 minutes

Our Standard facial with our Slough & Slather treatment added. Addressing your skin from the furrow in your brow to the crease in your feet leaving you refreshed.

The Works Seasoned


50 minutes

Our Seasoned facial with our Slough & Slather treatment added. Addressing your skin from the furrow in your brow to the crease in your feet leaving you as smooth and relaxed as Sunday mornings.

The Works Quenched


50 minutes

Our Quenched facial with our Slough & Slather treatment added. Addressing your skin from the furrow in your brow to the crease in your feet using technology on your face, and tried-and-true skills on your hands and feet to deliver results.

Megan’s Fave


45 minutes

The “ secret menu” facial treatment that most of our regular clients love with great reasons to love it.It delivers results, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is the treatment our founder, Megan, chooses the most for the best results. It has all the same steps and technology of our beloved QUENCHED facial THEN dialed up with a skin-appropriate chemical peel and 10 minutes of facial sculpting massage topped off with all the tech you can handle. *series of four sold for $400*

The Ultimate Layer


1 hr 30 min

Cryotherapy * LED * Oxygen * Advanced Exfoliation * Extractions* Treatment Mask with Micro-current technology. Get ready to glow.We have brought out all the heavy hitters to delivery the ULTIMATE in results. Deep cleansing, advanced exfoliation, restorative technology, loads of hydration and cooling and toning cryotherapy to top off the benefits. This facial will leave you red-carpet ready.And after a series the glow will be a non-negotiable part of your life.Get ready for the compliments.*90 minutes- $195 Series of 4 for $625 (expires 90 days after purchase)*

Skincare Consultation with Megan Linney


30 minutes

A 30-minute phone call or Facetime session with Founder, Megan Linney.During this session, you will review at-home skincare practices, address skin concerns, discuss opportunities, and make recommendations for home care routines and products.


$25 each

Our enhancements are product driven to add efficacy to your treatment. Most do not require additonal time, yet all take multitasking to the next level.

Foot Peels Put your fresh feet forward.

Foot Masks Get supple enough for sandals.

Hand Peels Smooth hands; smooth life.

Hand Masks For the softest touch in the West.

Facial Peel Amplify your facial to next level.

Hydra Jelly Mask super soothing.

More please!? An additional 10 minutes spent massaging your moneymaker — facials only.

**Enhancements cannot be booked online but may be arranged at the time of appointment based on consultation.**


Brow and Lash Tinting.


Facial Waxing Services.


Cryotherapy session 25 minutes.