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You Belong Here

What’s in a name? Layer; a sheet, quantity, or thickness of material, typically one of several, covering a surface or body Lounge; a public room in which to sit and relax. The concept of The Layer Lounge was born out of a lifetime in the wellness, spa, and salon industry. I wanted to create something that would eliminate a few of the major obstacles that new clients experience when they’re looking for a facial salon or spa. The three main obstacles are nudity, lack of confidence in spa etiquette, and high costs. These concerns can trigger some awkwardness, discomfort, or doubt in a new “Spa-Goers” mind that they fit into the experience. I wanted to create a space that could function operationally but also was inclusive and fun. Community and results were at the forefront of my mind. I reflected on my social lifestyle and favorite habits. Immediately, I was flooded with my memories of communal tables at great restaurants where I’ve made new friends or gathered old friends to enjoy a meal or a drink. They were all upbeat and straight forward. I didn’t think that skincare had to be any different than that. The name of The Layer Lounge came naturally. As licensed Estheticians, we work within the epidermal layers of the skin when we provide skincare and facials. But, additionally, we have layers of connections within our lives. People- family and friends- are intertwined in our worlds in so many different ways. We connect, disconnect, re-connect, introduce, and reference people all the time. The other major connection is with nature. It is easy to picture all the layers of soil, rocks, plants, trees, sky, clouds, and stars. These elements are layered into our landscapes around the globe. The Layer Lounge boutique is a mixture of textures, weaving wood, and plants with leather and metal all working together to create a foundation of our textured aesthetic. We all have a way of living #alayeredlife. We start with what we have been given and enhance it by relationships, jobs, habits, material possessions that are added, edited, and cherished from every new chapter of living. The Layer Lounge is a place that is approachable. A place that inspires and delights. A place where people feel they belong.

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