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Self-Care is the Cure

Skincare wasn’t my first love; massage was… but skincare became my TRUE love. Blending my passion for both creates an opportunity for people to love the skin they’re in, and live more confidently. Tried/True hands-on skills, combined with results-driven ingredients and leading technology really can live in the same space. They collaborate meaningfully and play well together.

Allow me to introduce The Layer Lounge properly. We are a skin care boutique that blends the best ingredients with technology for abbreviated result-oriented treatments at affordable prices.

We are opening our doors this Spring on the historic Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas. This is an energetic feast of love and a mission to bring people together. It is also a culmination of my entire career and collective passion all layered into one building, one city, one vision- to help everyone love the skin they’re in. Inclusivity, learning and celebration!

Looking into the mirror and not being happy with what you see is a tough reality to swallow. While the likes and dislikes about ourselves vary, the skin we live in is always there. So, understanding how it works, what it likes and how to treat it are powerful tools that impact how you feel when you see it.

Whether we are turning back the hands of time, smoothing out too much sun exposure, or generally trying to curb breakouts and effects of living fully, we all need a little help from our professional skincare friends.

We want to improve your skin, your confidence, your habits and your quality of life, one face at a time. Everyone belongs here.

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